NASPA-CCN; Our Responsibility

National Advocacy Campaign on Adaptation in Nigeria (NACAN)

Organized by Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria)

in collaboration with

Climate Action Network West Africa (CAN-WA)/ENDA Senegal


The specific theme of the Campaign:          “NASPA-CCN; Our Responsibility”


About the Campaign

The campaign is poised to consciously arouse the concern, interest and ownership of the National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action for Climate Change in Nigeria (NASPA-CCN) by all stakeholders. This national adaptation policy document was produced by Nigerian Government through the Federal Ministry of Environment, sequel to the severe desertification in the Northern part and floods/sea level rise in the Southern part of Nigeria. It was published in December 2011 after a broad-based consultation.


The document encapsulates the strategies and plans of action for implementing adaptation measures in the nation, as well as the roles and responsibilities of Federal, State and Local Governments, Civil Society, the Private Sector, individuals and Donor/International Organizations respectively. But, till date, the NASPA-CCN is still awaiting Presidential approval for implementation and adaptation pursuit appears weak and inactive.  Thus, while waiting for approval, there is the need to promote awareness and stakeholders support for the approval of the document, strengthen capacity and ensure that all the actors including the CSOs congruently activate their delineated roles and responsibilities as outlined in the document. In the light of the above, the Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria) in its Strategic Action Plan 2013-2015 otherwise known as Green Advocacy Campaign Project, placed adaptation as it priority focus.


As part of the Civil Society role and responsibility, CCN embarking on this campaign in alignment with CAN-WA priority focus, which is adaptation as confirmed in its CAN-WA Analyse (July 2011): “encouraging investments into poverty reduction, food, water and health security to ensure sustainable development geared towards progressive realization of the Millennium Development Goals”. So, it is intended to awake and prod all parties into action. Thus, emphasizing the need to build and strengthen civil society capacity toward carrying out its roles and responsibilities for effective implementation of the NASPA-CCN that led to the proposed NACAN.


Political Objectives

ù  Strengthening capacity of National stakeholders for the implementation of NASPA-CCN


Specific Objectives

ù  increasing awareness of Stakeholders on adaptation policies, strategies and actions for promoting the fight against climate change and poverty

ù  Increase the visibility and credibility of Nigeria’s civil society’s participation in the implementation of the NASPA-CCN.

ù  Build and conduct a media advocacy and capacity building strategy that would contribute to promoting the campaign’s objectives




Stakeholders targeted directly in the campaign

  • Ministry of Environment/Climate Change Department/Department of Forestry/Department of Desertification – Federal, State and Local Government respectively
  • President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Senate and House Committees on Environment and Climate Change respectively (Legislature)
  • Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN)
  • Major International Oil Companies: Shell Producing Development Company (SPDC), TotalFinaelf, Nigerian Agip Oil Corporation (NAOC), Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) and Mobil Unlimited
  • Pipeline Professional Association of Nigeria
  • National Coalition on Gas Flaring and Oil Spills in the Niger Delta (NACGOND)
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)
  • Media Houses (Print and Electronic): Daily Trust (Abuja); This Day (Abuja); AIT Abuja and NTA Abuja
  • Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)
  • Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)
  • Jama’atul Nasir Islam
  • National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
  • National Orientation Agency (NOA)
  • Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)


Specific Activity

CCN-Nigeria is committed, with the support of CAN-WA/ENDA-Senegal, to carry out a campaign entitled “National Advocacy Campaign on Adaptation in Nigeria (NACAN”)”, which activities include:

(1) Organizing Courtesy/Advocacy Visits to selected Stakeholders;


(2) Organizing of a National Stakeholders Capacity Building Workshop on the Implementation of NASPA-CCN (Inauguration/Launch of the NACAN), etc.


(3) Writing a case study showing the lessons learnt from the advocacy action


Timeline: November 2013